Yacht Tours That You Can Do In St. Petersburg This Year - Can You Ever Go Wrong Choosing Apartments In St Petersburg FL?
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Yacht Tours That You Can Do In St. Petersburg This Year

Yacht Tours That You Can Do In St. Petersburg This Year

Of all of the things that people love to do when they are in a city by the water, it really comes down to going on a yacht tour. You can take these yacht charter adventures out on the coast, allowing you to experience so many things that you can’t do on land. You get to view the city wherever you are from the coastline, moving down to different locations. If you are in a warm or tropical area, you might be able to do SCUBA diving and snorkeling. One of the best places in the world to do this is in the city of St. Petersburg, and there are a couple that you can choose from.

Private Luxury Power Yacht Charter

Provided by the Cruising Florida Powerboat Academy, this is one of the more popular attractions. You will depart out of St. Petersburg in the downtown area, and you are going to have a private captain that’s going to be with you on a daily basis. This is the perfect solution for people that have never been on a yacht before, and you can enjoy views from inside and up on the deck. There is plenty of room, usually up to 20 people, and you get to see the native wildlife that is from the area.

Tampa Bay Yacht Charter

This other one that they have is a 43 foot Viking motor yacht. It can also handle about 20 people. It’s a private tour, allowing you to see a lot of the sites that you cannot access without being out on the water. There are many different departures throughout the day, and if you are bringing a large group, this is the perfect way to entertain everyone. They have so many departures, it’s easy to be flexible with your schedule, allowing you to take the one that you want.

Aside from taking these yacht charters, you can also do tours on land that will take you to the city. You can go on bike rides, or just go walking to the park. However, it is so much more fun when you can go on to these yachts that will likely leave out of the Harborside Marina. You get to see places like Snell Isle, and many other beautiful destinations. You should start planning your trip to St. Petersburg this summer so that you can see why it is often recommended by friends and family.